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Our Needs Have Changed 

Covid-19 has changed everything. In many ways it’s also brought us together. In shared humanity we all strive to help those dearest to us, help our communities and our world. We believe the needs and values of these are aligned. To succeed we must begin to restore our sense of control over our lives and help everyone feel more secure when they return to mobility and work in an insecure world. 

Research by top Ivy League universities suggests Covid-19 will continue to influence our society for the next 3-5 years, long after the introduction of the first vaccines. We’ve already had a collective mindset shift towards being more self-reliant. Data from leading trend analysts shows the shift may last for a generation. Now aware of risks, many of us won't go back to our exact old ways of thinking. The economy already shows the change. Adaptive products that restore a sense of personal control cannot keep up with the need. This extends far beyond facemasks to include everything we take with us when we leave home, including the bag we carry it in. 

A decade ago we designed the electronics for a group of leading bag brands to launch the smartbag trend. Today we’re the largest engineering, manufacturing and app development firm for smartbag technology. We don’t make bags, we build the integrated electronics for bag brands and we own the intellectual property bag brands need to sell into the smartbag category.​

It's understood that public USB ports are virus hot zones for both Covid-19 and juice jacking. Joey technology in your bag powers your phone and eliminates that fear. We want to secure our belongings, keep track of our phones and find what we need in dim light. With Bluetooth® and LED technology connected to a Joey smartphone app we help with all of that and more. We’re here for you. 

We're Joey– The Smart in Smartbags®  -   Airline, TSA and FAA compliant 

Above: Example from one of our partners: Kathmandu Connect SmartPack,

Showing Joey T3 Integrated Electronic System with Bluetooth®

Above: Example from one of our partners: The North Face Kaban Charged Pack, 

Showing Joey T3 Integrated Electronic System with Bluetooth®


Stanford Trained Innovators

Space Satellite Engineers

They say innovation occurs at the intersection of disciplines. Our founders unite Stanford innovation expertise with space satellite engineering prowess and broad experience in bag design and materials. Combining these skills produced the first electronic systems purpose-built for integration. We built the systems that launched the Smartbag category 10 years ago and drive its growth today.

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The Latest Smart Electronics and Apps

You need a technology partner. A team deeply connected to technology trends including the Internet of Things. A team that engineers its own hardware and software. A team that develops its own smartphone apps, especially now that Chinese apps are banned. Our patented designs use the latest computer processors, the newest sensors and the most advanced Bluetooth® electronics. We are by far the leader, producing the most sophisticated, reliable systems to integrate features, connectivity and mobile device power into any bag.

Joey – The Smart in Smartbags®




 Integrated Electronics Systems and Training for Your Design Team

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Smartphone App and Bluetooth for Your Bag

Our engineered systems provide multiple Bluetooth® benefits to elevate your brand to aspirational status. Smartphone App-connected functions provide bag security, phone locating and more, and mobile device power means your customers never suffer from "power panic." Cool operation and long life help your brand meet sustainability goals and build customer loyalty.


The Bag and Electronics are One

Joey Smartbag Components are designed to seamlessly integrate into your products. We create the benefits your customers want like security, convenient access to power and Dual Charging.™ We eliminate the things your customers don’t want: bulky batteries and extreme heat.

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Design Training for Your Team

Integrating smart computerized components and power in bags is already an advanced discipline. Don't make design mistakes that result in a bag collection that's years behind the market. We provide Integration Design Training and ongoing design assistance to help you launch with market-winning designs.

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In ten years of developing electronics for bags we've discovered the critical engineering and bag design elements any design team must address for integration. The solutions to these market requirements are patents we hold. An example is the separation of the battery from the USB plug in port, a heavily patented feature and an absolute requirement for integration.

Over generations of Joey systems our Intellectual Property Attorneys have worked alongside our engineers. Today we have the IP protection you need to be able to sell into the Smartbag category. 

Contact us to discuss the market access our patents will provide your brand and

the competitive advantage against your competition.  


Joey - The Smart in Smartbags®

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