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The Joey T3 - our Flagship Product with more power and Smartphone App features than ever:


  • Backup Phone, Tablet and Device Power
    • Public USB ports are Coronavirus Hot Zones.
    • For Phones, Tablets, Earbuds and Other Accessories 
    • 6,200 mA
  • Charge Timer
    • Control Power Output
    • Control How Much Power You Share with Others
  • Smartphone App
    • Bluetooth Connection to Your Phone.
    • Features Include:
  • Find Lost Phone
    • Rings and Finds Exact Location
  • Anti-Loss/Theft Distance Alarm
    • Protect Your Bag and Belongings
  • In Bag Task Lighting Via LED
    • Bright and Useful
  • Digital Travel Clock
    • Updates Timezones via Bluetooth
  • Dual Charge
    • Charge Joey T3 and Your Phone At the Same Time
  • Virus Blocker Firewall 
    • Protects You During Dual Charge
    • Don't get Juice Jacked when you travel
    • Protect your Phone and your Data


Joey T3 - Bluetooth and Smartphone App System

SKU: Joey T3
Color: White
  • Connects to our Smartphone App via Bluetooth® to provide many features! (see left).


    6,200 mA battery to power your phone, tablet or Bluetooth earpieces while you are on the go. 


    Includes our high speed USB A to C charge cable.


    Instructions Included

  • USA Shipping Only

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